Brainstorming WP Framework 0.3

Development of version 0.3 for WP Framework is undergoing it’s final rounds of testing. This release is a pretty major change for the framework and is a complete rethink on how WordPress theme frameworks should work.

One of the big debates about themes is deciding what functions are better left for themes, rather then plugins, or WordPress core itself. I’ve been shying away from doing any SEO for WP Framework, but might reconsider this as an extension*. This should solve the problem where you’d rather have your favorite plugin handle this for you. WP Framework gets the best of both worlds!

If you have any ideas for feature request, suggestions, or ideas, leave a comment and I’ll consider it for inclusion!

*An extension is an optional feature that you’ll be able to tack onto the core download (once I get that up!).

0.2.2 Release

WP Framework 0.2.2 is a minor transitional release, preparing you for the big 0.3. What’s new? Base.css, a new CSS stylesheet that reapplies some sensible styles for all the inline elements and sets a base vertical rhythm. It’s a work in progress but I finally wanted to include it in core after taking it out (last minute) during the 0.1 push. Hopefully this stylesheet will come as an aide during development so you don’t always have to reapply what reset.css removes.

There’s also a slight change in the file structure. I removed the /custom/ directory temporarily and all of it’s contents are now within /assets/, a new folder in the root directory. This change makes all your theme assets just a few clicks away instead of /library/custom/css/*.

And that’s 0.2.2. Please post any bugs or feedback in the forums.

Say hello to WP Framework

Welcome to, the official home of WP Framework. Here you’ll get to learn everything there is to know of WP Framework, how to use it, and where to get help.

First off, what is WP Framework?

WP Framework is simply a bare bones (blank) WordPress theme ready for you to build your next WordPress powered project on.
Right out of the box, you’ll get everything you need to get started on building your next WordPress powered project.

No matter what type of WordPress powered project you’re working on, be it a personal blog, a dynamic website, or a custom built application, WP Framework comes with all the standard WordPress theme logic so you can jump right into building your project specific features.

WP Framework was built for people who know the basics of tweaking WordPress themes all the way to advance theme authors who know how to take WordPress theme authoring to a whole new level but lacked the solid tools to do so.

If you’re anyone of those or in-between, then I’m glad to welcome you aboard. Creating WordPress themes from scratch will never be the same!

Hello world!

WP Framework is a blank WordPress Theme Framework that’s everything you need, nothing you don’t. Download it now, visit the support forums, or learn more!

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