Downloading and Activating

The easily method for downloading WP Framework is by getting it through the official WordPress themes directory. If you’re running WordPress 2.8 or higher, you’ll be able to download and install WP Framework through the administration back-end.


Downloading WP Framework

For designers, you’re probably going to want to download the zip archive and install it manually:

  1. Download the latest version of WP Framework.
  2. Extract the archive using your favorite unzipping program.
  3. Finally, upload the wp-framework folder into the wp-content/themes/ directory.

Downloading WP Framework (via Subversion)

For developers, you’re probably going to want to download WP Framework via subversion. WP Framework has a subversion repository is located here:


Here are some quick access links to specific repository links:

  • Stable — the lastest stable version of WP Framework
    svn co
  • Trunk — development version of WP Framework
    svn co

Activating WP Framework

  1. Login to your WordPress Administration Dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearance -> Themes (in the menu on the left).
  3. Find, then select WP Framework and click on Activate.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded and activated WP Framework, you’re ready to move on and learn more.

Download WP Framework

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