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Heavy development

Just publicly announcing that the latest version of WP Framework is still in heavy development and won’t be ready for the public until further notice. I’ll keep you guys informed once things become finalized, but in the meantime, there are plenty of great alternatives.

Looking for Beta testers!

Beta period is now closed. Over the past two weeks I’ve been working on WP Framework full time, knocking out the to do list and fixing bugs raised in the forums. As a result, WP Framework has received a boat load of new features and functionality that improves your theme development work flow dramatically. No seriously, WP ... Read More

API for including stylesheets and javascript

Currently, how do you include stylesheets and javascript into your theme or theme framework? I can think of two common ways: inserting the <link> or <script> tag directly into the header.php encapsulate the <link> or <script> tags into a function that hooks into an action hook (located in header.php) I’m not particularly happy with any of those methods. ... Read More

WP Framework is now available in extend

WP Framework is now officially in the WordPress themes directory which makes it easier for you to download and install new updates!

Development Releases

I’m going to hold off releasing the public download for any future version of WP Framework until I think it’s reached a matured enough state. Things are constantly changing in the code base and maintaining these revisions is getting a bit cumbersome. So the main download link will continue to be WP Framework 0.2.3 until any ... Read More

WP Framework’s Talk at WordCamp Miami 09

If you’re not up to speed, I went to WordCamp Miami a little while ago to talked about WP Framework. Here’s the orginal blost post about that. Since my presentational skills aren’t as descriptive as my writing, I thought I should rephrase what was said for those that weren’t there. The State of the Theme. So, here’s ... Read More

Brainstorming WP Framework 0.3

Development of version 0.3 for WP Framework is undergoing it’s final rounds of testing. This release is a pretty major change for the framework and is a complete rethink on how WordPress theme frameworks should work. One of the big debates about themes is deciding what functions are better left for themes, rather then plugins, or ... Read More

Say hello to WP Framework

Welcome to, the official home of WP Framework. Here you’ll get to learn everything there is to know of WP Framework, how to use it, and where to get help. First off, what is WP Framework? WP Framework is simply a bare bones (blank) WordPress theme ready for you to build your next WordPress powered project ... Read More

Hello world!

WP Framework is a blank WordPress Theme Framework that’s everything you need, nothing you don’t. Download it now, visit the support forums, or learn more!

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