Throwback: Release 0.2.3

As promised, here’s an update for WP Framework 0.2.2 that further transitions you on over to the 0.3 release. Version 0.2.3 is a product of all the things I’ve learned with version 0.3, but without all the abstraction and MVC architecture. You guys wanted a more CSS friendly version and here it is. I pulled the 0.3 release down as it was a bit rushed. Version 0.3.1 will be much more stable and more in lines of how things are suppose to work.

Hope you guys like it, and as always, post any feedback on the forums!

Change log


  • cleaner template files and a overhaul of all the backend code
  • New entry_footer div under #entry-content and #entry-summary that shows the post categories and tags if they have any.
  • new directory: extension (to house all the functionality that extends the framework)
  • new files: general-functions.php, helper-functions.php, and pluggable.php in /core/
  • screen.js now has an example function using jQuery
  • New constant: REGISTER_WIDGETS in functions.php so you can set how many widgets you have in your theme


  • theme-functions.php has been renamed back to custom-functions.php to become compatible with version 0.3
  • hooks.php has been renamed to framework-hook-system.php
  • updated the examples in theme.php (formally theme-functions.php)
  • #entry-content and #entry-summary now have an extra CSS class called article to select both of them
  • Base.css has been updated
  • A few of the main divs have been changed to make the transition over to HTML5 easier:
    #container, #header, #footer are now classes.
  • the #secondary div now has a new class called aside.
  • removed smiley.gif
  • no longer using get_author_link() as it’s deprecated. Now using get_author_posts_url();


  1. BEN's Avatar BEN
    May 6th, 2009 at 10:12 am | Permalink

    Where can I get the 0.3 release


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