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child theming in the future?

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  1. alvarix

    It appears that you are not following the child theme model of extending themes.

    Should I remove the child theme setup from a project I am creating based on wpf, or is it something that you plan to implement in the future? If not, can you explain your reasoning behind the choice?

    Thanks for the great work!

    Posted 4 days ago #
  2. ptahdunbar
    Framework Overlord

    Alvarix, actually, I am.

    The idea is to use WP Framework as a base to build your parent theme. Then, if you want to make changes to that parent theme, create a child theme and modify it accordingly.

    It's a little different from the thematic/hybrid approach, I'll try to communicate that aspect better in the docs.

    Posted 3 days ago #
  3. ptahdunbar
    Framework Overlord

    Also, WP Framework will be getting better support for child theme development in the next release so you can keep your setup the way it is.

    Posted 3 days ago #
  4. alvarix

    Excellent! Do you have an ETA for the next release?

    Posted 3 days ago #
  5. ptahdunbar
    Framework Overlord

    I'm shooting for a release the following week after WordPress 2.8.1 is official.

    Posted 2 days ago #

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