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DropDowns menu on IE6

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  1. david


    I have worked on several themes off the web and none of them have ever given me any issues about drop down menus. which are automatically generated by wp.

    I just dont understand why this theme does not support drop down on IE 6.

    The menu is working fine on FF, Safari, Google Chrome, IE 7 but not IE 6.

    Please let me know what code is missing and what changes are needed on CSS

    Also could u also help me with the menu opening sideways, and not down.
    I want them to open downwards.


    Posted 1 week ago #
  2. ptahdunbar
    Framework Overlord

    WP Framework 2.4 fixes this issue. Plus it'll be using the superfish .js method which is also compatible :)

    Posted 1 week ago #

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