Styling all the elements

One of the great things about using a theme framework is that just about everything has been thought of, especially when it comes to handling all the elements that you might think to use. Solid element styling is the foundation of any good theme though. - Hybrid.

I am the a tag example.

I am the abbr tag example.

I am the acronym tag example.

I am the strong tag example.

I am the big tag example.

I am the small tag example.

I am the cite tag example.

I am the code tag example.

I am the del tag example.

I am the ins tag example.

I am the dfn tag example.

I am the em tag example.

I am the samp tag example.

I am the sub tag example.

I am the sup tag example.

Address: 999 Somewhere, South Korea

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

Lists help keep you organized

No WordPress theme worth its salt would be complete without some good default styles for lists. Lists really draw the reader’s attention. They’re usually short and to the point. And since most people have short attention spans these days, you need to wow them with your lists.

Unordered list items

  • Hello, John.
  • Yo-man!
  • What are you doing?
    • List item
    • List item
    • List item
      • List item
      • List item
      • List item
      • List item
    • List item
    • List item
    • List item
    • List item
  • Yes, it’s a big list.
  • Huh?
  • Another list item

Ordered list items

  1. Item
  2. Item
  3. Item
    1. Ordered Item
    2. Ordered Item
    3. Ordered Item
      1. Another item
      2. Another item
      3. Another item
      4. Another item
      5. Another item
    4. Ordered Item
    5. Ordered Item
    6. Ordered Item
    7. Ordered Item
  4. More items
  5. And one more…

Definition list items

This is a term.
This is a description.
This is a term.
This is a description.
This is a term.
This is a description.
This is a term.
This is a description.

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One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He lay on his armour-like back, and if he lifted his head a little he could see his brown belly, slightly domed and divided by arches into stiff sections. The bedding was hardly able to cover it and seemed ready to slide off any moment. His many legs, pitifully thin compared with the size of the rest of him, waved about helplessly as he looked. “What’s happened to me? ” he thought. It wasn’t a dream.

His room, a proper human room although a little too small, lay peacefully between its four familiar walls. A collection of textile samples lay spread out on the table - Samsa was a travelling salesman - and above it there hung a picture that he had recently cut out of an illustrated magazine and housed in a nice, gilded frame. It showed a lady fitted out with a fur hat and fur boa who sat upright, raising a heavy fur muff that covered the whole of her lower arm towards the viewer. Gregor then turned to look out the window at the dull weather.

Drops of rain could be heard hitting the pane, which made him feel quite sad. “How about if I sleep a little bit longer and forget all this nonsense”, he thought, but that was something he was unable to do because he was used to sleeping on his right, and in his present state couldn’t get into that position. However hard he threw himself onto his right, he always rolled back to where he was. He must have tried it a hundred times, shut his eyes so that he wouldn’t have to look at the floundering legs, and only stopped when he began to feel a mild, dull pain there that he had never felt before.

“Oh, God”, he thought, “what a strenuous career it is that I’ve chosen! Travelling day in and day out. Doing business like this takes much more effort than doing your own business at home, and on top of that there’s the curse of travelling, worries about making train connections, bad and irregular food, contact with different people all the time so that you can never get to know anyone or become friendly with them. It can all go to Hell!

Media Gallery

Testing the Media Gallery with WordPress Logos!

UL’s OL’s DL’s - List Galore

First some random blurb:

But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness. No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure, but because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally encounter consequences that are extremely painful. Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but because occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain can procure him some great pleasure.

the goods:

Unordered List

  • List item #1
  • List item #2
  • List item #3
    • Sublist item #1
    • Sublist item #2
      • Sub-sublist item #1
    • Sublist item #3
  • List item #4

Ordered List

  1. List item #1
  2. List item #2
  3. List item #3
    1. Sublist item #1
    2. Sublist item #2
      1. Sub-sublist item #1
    3. Sublist item #3
  4. List item #4

Definition list

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
Definition Term
Explanation of this term.
It can be multiple lines too!
Alright, you should get it by now.

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